Thursday, April 16, 2009

2009 spring easter holidays minneapolis,minnesota

dear sirs; i had a nice vsiit with my brother/attorney lynns family in minneapolis,minnesota over the easter holidays from april 8 until april 15;2009. i attempted to email my relatives photo albums of easter sunday dinners there 2009 on a free walmart photo site. lynn said to send a free blogg a swell? im not certain what eaxctly a blogg is anyway? he said his children nieces steffie and natalie and nephew alex all had bloggs on thier websites? niece natalie was not home for easter holidays. occasioanlly with regular paychecsk payroll savings billion$$$my nieces and nephews were all interested in summer employment as us census takers. the fellow said it paid about $60.oo an hour? my uiowa impact psychiatry counselor said id have to pay back about all of my social security disability for the entire year and would be just out of money if i wasa summer us census taker? president oboma said perhaps most all of my relatives and i could be us un ambassadors justices airforce FBI/CIA etc several places? and travel free occassionally on guided tours and assignments posts? he said most of us were assigned to european and south american posts but would be able o live anyhwere we wanted and mostly do volunteer work psych evry+kind etc and perhpas second paid jobs? congress said our family had saved about $50 billions$$ payrolavings feed/insurance sales etc? congress said they do purchase lareg quanities of our co-op/feed every+kind scranton,iowa 51462;712/652-3321; which most countries qualify for free us govt surplus feed jsut for shipping charges? presidnet desilva of brazil said he also wanted large quanities of garst hybrid seed company coon rapids iowa sed from our uncel vernon nelson? congresss aid roswell garst didi leave us his garst hybrid seed comapny coon rapids,iowa? I had viewed their pioneer hybrid seed company marengo,iowa taht uncle vernon used to oversee? the prime misniter of australia micahel rudd as well as prsidne russia medleved as wela s new prime minsiter red china wen jerabaim all wanted large quanities of our co-op/feed every+kind scranton,iowa 51462;712/652-3321;? pope benedict xvi holy see sistien chapel vatican city rome italy also wants to purchase large quanities of co-op/feed every+kind scranton iowa 712/652-3321 for thier spignadoro americanway pasta factory perugia italy which sells pastas to russia? happy easter. thanks again sirs.